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The GolfBoard "Surf the Earth" Is Here!
GolfBoard, Surf The Earth at Bent Creek Golf Course

Bent Creek Golf Course is one of the first golf courses in the Jacksonville area to have the newest craze - The GolfBoard.  The tagline is "Surf the Earth" and that is exactly what the customer feels like when they take one of these GolfBoards out on the golf course.  People have said the GolfBoard is like being on a motorized skateboard, or surf board but yet is easy to learn and safe to ride. 

The beauty of the GolfBoard is that it gets you out of the cart and on your feet and most importantly keeps play moving. If you haven't given it a try we highly recommend it!  

Call 904-530-0601 x2 to reserve your GolfBoard at Bent Creek today and don't forget to book your online tee time for your lowest rate possible!

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